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Generate new revenue

Take full ownership of the equipment to improve value to your customers and create revenue generating opportunities including warranty management and service contracts.

Digi offers a full range of managed services to keep your business apps running.

Managed Services

Non-functioning equipment does not generate revenue

By connecting equipment using M2M technology, enterprises have the opportunity to take full ownership of the product support lifecycle. For example, knowing when a customer’s equipment is nearing end of life or needs to be serviced allows sales personnel to be preemptive and, ultimately, allows an organization to improve its value to its customers and creates revenue generating opportunities.

New service contracts and warranty management

Long-term service contracts and warranty management are two areas in which new revenue can be generated once an M2M solution is in place. By accessing and analyzing data from deployed assets, technicians can more easily determine when equipment needs replacement over repair. Plus, providing a deal network with the opportunity for additional revenue streams allows for greater dealer loyalty and the ability to sell service contracts to end customers.

Ways to use an M2M solution to generate more revenue

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