Reliable wireless products for fleet/telematics applications

Comprised of well-tested products and services, Digi Fleet Solutions enable you to deliver reliable fleet/telematics products and applications. Digi's broad set of easy-to-program, easy-to-manage, pre-certified/homologated rugged telematics gateways feature cellular, Wi-Fi, GPS, satellite and wireless sensor networking options. These gateways are ideal for monitoring expensive mobile assets like trucks, trailers, containers, construction equipment, mining equipment, agricultural equipment, public transportation, public safety aviation equipment and portable generators.

Digi's products are compact and highly integrated, providing many options for product placement and installation. All of the major software elements (drivers, wireless configuration, user interface, vehicle/engine bus interfaces, management/monitoring/control, APIs, Python) are built into the products, so you have a well-tested, reliable platform on which to build your solution.

Device Cloud by Etherios™, Digi's public cloud platform-as-a-service (PaaS), provides scalable management of millions of devices, offering device status monitoring, device statistics, scalable remote configuration, firmware upgrades, application upgrades, device resetting, network traces and logging. Device Cloud also makes it easy to integrate your telematics devices with fleet management applications using standard web services.

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