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Solutions for Tank Level Monitoring

Digi Tank Solutions address core challenges in deploying next generation tank level monitoring and management applications using cellular gateways, cloud-based custom development platform and application services.

Solution Overview

  • Digi Tank Solutions help companies more efficiently monitor the tank level of remotely deployed liquids, solids and gases.
  • Digi telemetry products include fully customizable wireless hardware, a cloud-based application development platform and custom services for rapid solutions development and deployment.
  • Applications include fuel tank monitoring systems, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), agricultural tank/silo monitoring, cooking oil recycling, waste/waste water and other environments requiring real-time tank level monitoring.

Tank Level Monitoring Benefits

  • Digi Tank Solutions provide inventory analytics and location data for logistical and operational optimization.
  • Reduced logistics costs mean fewer trips, less fuel, smaller fleets and happier customers.


Digi Connect Tank Digi Connect Tank (for single tank sites) – Fully integrated cellular enabled tank monitoring sensor with wireless level transmitter and long life battery for easy installation.

ConnectPort® X ConnectPort® X (for multiple tank sites) – Cellular wireless gateways featuring telemetry device capabilities with ZigBee, Ethernet, serial and Wi-Fi interface options.

Digi-ready tank sensors (via Digi Tank Sensor Partners) – Ultrasonic, Pressure, Radar, Float


  • Device Cloud by Etherios™ development platform
  • Etherios custom application and custom integration services


  • Digi Sensor Partners – Variety of sensors qualified for integration with Digi platform
  • Digi Application Partners – Full tank monitoring application providers
  • Digi Integration Partners – End-to-end tank monitoring solutions integrators

Getting started with Digi Tank Solutions is easy, and the impact is immediate. Contact Digi to discuss your project.


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