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Maintain Secure Data Centers

Data centers are the nuclei of major businesses around the world. As the number of servers increases to meet data processing demands, so does the number of racks, cables and other equipment. Without proper data center management, this hub of activity can become a cluttered, inefficient mess.

A fact-finding agency of the United States Federal Government needed a solution for over-crowding in its data centers. Their end goal was to simplify cabling and gain better control and monitoring of devices from remote, sometimes non-secure locations.

Digi’s Console Management solutions fit the bill exactly. The Digi CM 16 and Digi CM 32, with 16 and 32 serial ports respectively, were deployed at the agency’s headquarters. The solutions utilize CAT5 straight-through cabling, which helps to reduce the rack size requirements since no additional cable converters are needed. This cabling alone saved significant rack space and provided a more streamlined solution.

The Digi CM solutions also satisfied the agency’s remote monitoring requirements. They offer secure, out-of-band management, providing remote access to servers, routers, switches, and other network equipment. Security is ensured via Secure Shell (SSH v2) encryption, a robust, standards-based protocol designed to protect networks against unauthorized monitoring, or “sniffing.” The same level of security is ensured in the HTTPS Web configuration interface. The Digi CM solutions provide the agency’s network administrators secure remote access to network equipment from anywhere and at any time – even if the network is down.

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