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Monitor Remote Water Cooling Towers

Improper chemical levels in water cooling towers can cause bacterial growth and mineral build-up, affecting the quality of water and the life of equipment. Water treatment companies routinely monitor cooling towers and add conditioning chemicals to keep pH levels, bacterial counts and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) at proper levels.

A water treatment company with a major Las Vegas hotel contract needed a way to remotely monitor the chemical levels and chemical inventory at the hotel’s water cooling towers to ensure the water is treated properly. Although the company’s chemical dispersion controller is Ethernet-enabled, the hotel would not grant access to its network for security reasons. Getting approval from the hotel to run a separate cable could take up to two months; the Telco would then have to run a line to the building, which could add several weeks to the process. The water treatment company needed an alternate way to remotely monitor and gather data from its chemical dispersing controller on the hotel rooftop.

By utilizing GSM or CDMA cellular data networks, the company is able to immediately deploy its monitoring system and gain access to the rooftop controller. The Digi Connect WAN is an Ethernet-to-cellular router that enables the chemical dispersing controller to be monitored and managed wirelessly from the controller’s headquarters. Key benefits include:

  • Access to the hotel’s network infrastructure is not required, so deployment is easy and immediate
  • Onsite visits to check chemical inventories and pH levels are eliminated
  • Cellular connection is not subject to wire breaks or other problems associated with wired connections

The Digi Connect WAN enables the water treatment company to remotely monitor and gather data from its controllers and dispense chemicals into the water cooling towers as needed, without requiring access to the hotel’s network infrastructure.

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